Eating Garlic

Garlic is delicious. Grims gourmet garlic strives to produce the best quality and tastiest garlic. Garlic has different storage lengths, and it is best to eat the garlic with the shortest storage length first. It is much easier to peel and you can save the ones with linger storage lengths for later. the best way to cook it is brown in a frying pan. This will diminish some of the health benefits, but will taste the best. mincing the garlic and eating it raw, is very healthy. when garlic is chopped up it has a chemical reaction and creates allicin. allicin is what gives a nice pungent oder and flavor. when cooked in the pan or the oven the allicin is cooked too, but will still be healthy for you. Garlic cooked in the oven may make all garlic taste generally the same. it is when eaten raw or slightly cooked, that is when you will notice the difference in varieties.